Partners for Planning - Meet Alexi: A College Student with an Eye for Design
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Meet Alexi, A College Student with an Eye for Design  

Alexi is a young man from Welland Ontario who is determined to align his passions with his life goals. Before he graduated high school, Alexi had spent many years exploring his interest in gaming. By the time he reached high school, he was learning basic design skills and explored character development, drawing “sprites” (a design word for objects in games) and even designed his very own game called Vacation Man.

Beyond Graduation

Today, Alexi is enrolled at Niagara College and is pursuing a 3-year program in Game Development. His goal is to be a game designer and share his creative concepts with others. Outside of his career, Alexi has plans to buy a house and meet a woman to share it all with.

Not a Straightforward Path, but the Right Path

Alexi’s transition from high school to college was not a straightforward path but it was a path that led him exactly to where he wanted to be. Some key factors that helped Alexi reach his goals were:

  • His family held high expectations for him and supported him to think about entering the world of work after graduation.
  • Alexi was involved in community groups with people who shared his passions. So he began to build a network of people in his life that aligned with his passion and he found an opportunity to further his skills and knowledge around game design.
  • He leveraged a CICE college program to learn work skills and successfully held a job at the Rosewood Winery until the Covid-19 pandemic closed businesses down.
  • Alexi wanted to take a general college program, and after trying out other employment options, he was confident game design was what he loved to do most.

Trying a variety of experiences, building relationships with others and exploring a number of pathways post-graduation enabled Alexi to find his true calling.